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Buzz Pop Cocktails® are a chef-inspired, gastro-innovation that meets the discriminating tastes of cocktail aficionados and people of all ages from coast to coast. Buzz Pop’s alcoholic popsicles (Adult Push-Pops) are fresh, vibrant and wildly delicious seasonal fruit whipped into an Italian-style 5 star restaurant quality gourmet sorbet made with 15% top shelf liquors offered in a ready-to-serve push-pop that makes for a guilt-free indulgence.

Be on the lookout for new flavors right after the holiday season ends and the big announcement of the collaboration with Drake’s Organic Spirits early 2018! Send us an email at for more information.

Just under 100 calories, Vegan, Gluten Free, Fat Free, Certified Kosher, Real Fruit, Top Shelf Alcohol......What's not to like?

"If you like to jump in a time machine. This Adult push pop does it. As a celebrity chef I look for new ways to make food and cocktails much more different. These Buzz Pops have it all - flare, taste, and all round life of the party. I would definitely use Buzz Pops for my next big event". Chef Tony Macaroni.

During early market testing, it became rapidly apparent from the incredible feedback of our global taste testers that we were onto something really unique and special. Inspired by the suggestions of our growing team, culinary experts and influential individuals including cocktail aficionado Tony Abu Ganim our flavors expanded and became much more creative.

Buzz Pops Executive Chef Jason Isaacs went on a creative spree which resulted in amazing flavors including the Pink Paradise, Blueberry Mojo and Southern Belle. We have added creative new items for our clients including a Behold the Gold Sorbet, Margarita Sorbet, Cosmopolitan Cocktail Sorbeto, Mandarin Oriental Sorbet, Strawberry Lime Sorbet and Watermelon Chili Sorbet. When the dust settled, seventy-five new flavors had been created which will be produced in limited quantities based upon the season they fall into.

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Thrillist: Buzz Pop Cocktails Spoonable Spirits

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  • Dated:  Aug 31 2018

Buzz Feast

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  • Dated:  Jun 20 2018

Leave the artificial colorings, artificial flavors, preservatives, additives and high-fructose corn syrups to the other guys. There is nothing like an original Buzz Pop Cocktail or a Buzz Pop Shirley's Signature Batch sorbet. Go ahead, indulge on the best tasting sorbets West of Italy.

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